About Chipside

Chipside is a specialist software development company providing services to 1-in-4 local and regional government traffic authorities in the UK.

A photo of the senior team at Chipside
  • In-field mobile systems: Approximately 1,500 mobile officers use Chipside's mobile enforcement systems to continually monitor road and car park usage, connected to public facing and back office systems at all times. These officers also protect local authority income by monitoring correct use of resident specific parking bays, roads and other facilities.
  • Office systems: Chipside's back office systems provide city, town and regional government legal teams with case management escalation systems, including automated and integrated vehicle keeper checks and legal notice production.
  • Public facing portals: Chipside provides access to local government services through a range of secure internet portals and mobile applications. These allow public access to view video evidence held about the case, enabling the public to challenge the legal process online or to make payment to settle any fees required by the local authority.
  • Permit management: The class leading MiPermit service allows the public to manage their own local government account from the comfort of their own home, or while on the move, bringing accessible services to all.
  • Public assistance call centre: Chipside operates a directly employed team to deal with a range of questions from the public about local government services. The team handles 1 million calls from the public, complementing our automated systems with personal call handling when required. Chipside implementation teams work a range of customer teams to implement software systems, public facing services to time, to quality and to budget.
  • Consultancy: The Chipside team is frequently consulted by local authority policy decision-making teams, elected representatives, security teams and works with a number of central government bodies on a range of traffic, parking and process management issues.
  • Software Lab: Chipside operates a directly employed systems development team, giving its customers a wide range of rapid policy implementation tools and services.
  • Local government assistance call centre: A dedicated technical support team gives local government customers unlimited access to call on Chipside's expertise.
  • Intelligent Big Data: Real-time analysis of survey, observation and asset usage for instant policy decisions. Integral data interchange functionality allows data to be automatically transmitted and shared between systems and partners.
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