Seamless integration: the future of parking

Seamless integration: the future of parking

What would an ideal parking solution look like in the future?

Imagine driving up to a car park, the barrier opening automatically, parking in a designated space and returning later to leave.  Your credit or debit card is automatically debited with the relevant fee and you are emailed a receipt as a record of the transaction. Sounds simple and incredibly effective.  Yet creating the ecosystem to achieve this involves a great deal of thinking about the customer experience. 

When things go wrong

Most people do not judge organisations when things work as expected.   The challenge comes when something goes wrong.  People then expect to have issues resolved quickly and efficiently.  In the ideal scenario outlined above more than 90 percent of people will get a seamless experience.   The success of automation also relies on the 10 percent that do not.

Consider the following potential issues:

  • A registration plate cannot be read or is misread
  • The owner of the car is one person, but the driver is another
  • The car belongs to a company which does not permit use of the scheme as part of their expenses policy
  • The car has been reported as stolen, missing or scrapped
  • The credit card supporting the transaction has been reported missing

This is without even considering the issues around data protection regarding location.  A system that stores information about where cars are parked at a specific time could be used for a wide range of illicit purposes.

Customer experience

Creating a vision of future parking is relatively simple.  Technology enables us to create and deliver seamless experiences.  Delivering that vision successfully every time takes significant investment in the implication when something goes wrong.

Our digital parking and permitting solutions are designed from the ground up to deliver effective and engaging experiences for users.  We are one of the very few companies in the market that do not force people to register to use our service – this saves time for someone that is parking on a one-off basis.  We also provide a fully functioning call support centre for our customers should they wish to take advantage of it.  Based in the UK, this enables us to provide detailed support for customers that need it when using the device for the first time or if they have experienced a problem.  If local authorities only need support at certain time of day, we can also provide it.

We understand that parking is an important part of the relationship between a resident and their local authority.  Digital services enable local authorities to reduce administration and increase efficiencies in parking.  But if things go wrong, there needs to be help at hand.  At Chipside we invest in the design and roll out of our permitting solutions to deliver not only a seamless solution but the support you need when things go wrong.

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