A look ahead to 2020

A look ahead to 2020

In 2019, we have seen local councils across the UK widely using digital parking technology to help ease congestion and manage traffic more efficiently in towns, cities and rural areas.  Our experience indicates that technologies such as MiPermit have become an essential tool when councils are considering how they will manage traffic over the next few decades.  

So how will this evolve in 2020?  

Councils will undoubtedly continue to harness the flexibility offered by MiPermit – and other digital platforms - to implement tailored parking solutions. In 2020, we expect to see an increase in how integrated these digital applications are with connected cars and the Internet of Things (IoT). In turn, this will create new innovations in the ways we use parking and traffic management technologies.

Connected vehicles are a rapidly growing area and one which is becoming more sophisticated; enabling real-time data to be sent and received from the space around them. This could be a connection to other cars, 5G networks, driver information systems, road safety technologies, or digital parking systems. Being more connected means that drivers will be able to access data enabling them to make more informed and safer decisions about all aspects of driving.  

When it comes to parking, connected technology of the future will be able to direct a driver more quickly to a suitable parking spot rather than spending time – and fuel – finding somewhere to park or causing unnecessary congestion on the streets.
Being connected is endemic in modern life, and open data is part of this connected future.  There are huge benefits to sharing data and drivers of connected cars will be able to take full advantage of these to improve their driving experience in our smart cities. Chipside is working with our customers, partners and UK government bodies to shape this exciting development based around our Oppidatim open data technology.  

We wish you a happy Christmas and a successful and prosperous new year!

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