UK parking data: setting the right standard

UK parking data: setting the right standard

The UK government has announced a new set of standards governing the standardisation of parking data across the country.

The new standards – developed by the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (ADPS) and funded by the Department for Transport – will ensure parking data released by both local councils and private car park operators in the UK uses the same language.

A language we can all understand

Standardising language across services such as parking would allow all data to be read and analysed by machines – with little room for confusion. Currently, parking data is kept within individual platforms that adhere to their own language and rules. While many of these may have similarities, seamlessly moving parking data across platforms is difficult. Without a simple universal language, competing platforms are reticent to share data.

Spearheaded by the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) – a not-for-profit organisation – new open global data standards are being created to provide a common language for parking operations that will eventually support the sharing of parking related data with other industries. Use of the APDS standards will be voluntary and adoption will be driven by the marketplace.

Currently, APDS is only being applied to the parking industry. The new standards will reference and take existing standards into account, and all platforms will be able to participate – removing the competitive advantage created by small groups of companies sharing data.

Efficiency as intent

Having an international standard for parking data means individual companies can benefit from seamless integration of data, compatibility and communication between parking entities, as well as the automotive industry, IT developers, map/app providers and stakeholders.

For Chipside, it will mean access to a wide range of data that could influence parking and permitting. We work with 170 UK authorities to provide digital parking permits for more than two million drivers across our MiPermit platform. With the new APDS standards we can gain access to complete UK parking datasets and have the opportunity to share this data within the industry to improve collaboration.

Work to be done

The APDS standards will provide guidance on permissions, use of data and the privacy of shared data. However, the organisation is planning to integrate existing parking standards, such as those provided by the European Parking Association (EPA) and the Data Exchange Standards (IPI-DataEx).

While work remains to be done before the standards are ready for worldwide use, platforms will soon be able to translate and communicate across the full range of parking data elements, including parking location information and transactions, pricing, and occupancy/utilisation.

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